If you want to get in touch, it'll cost ya!

My time is valuable. If you want to contact me, please make it worth my while, with a Bitcoin donation, following the steps below.

  1. Buy some Bitcoin (BTC) You don’t need to buy a whole one; just get as much or as little as you want - you only need a credit card!
  2. Get a Cryptocurrency wallet Jaxx Liberty is simple to use & secure.
  3. Create a new BTC wallet & transfer your BTC into it.
  4. Send me some BTC
    1. Click into your BTC wallet & press “Send”
    2. Enter the address: 12ukBRZTuZZgWL5GJy86kreqbpoq1ZL4N2
    3. Or press the QR code icon & scan this QR code
    4. Enter the amount to send & click “Send”

BTC-Payment QR-Code